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Do not reveal the secrets of your internet marketing strategies is what everyone tells tell us. It makes us smile, there are no secrets to keep or to reveal. We follow the online available instructions of the most important search engine Google. ...

The Creator

  • Maurice

    seo & strategy


Search engine optimization an important chapter in your internet marketing campagn. Here you find three very important ways to make your website crawlable for google to get found in their search engine results.

  • seo

    Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization and get top positions in Google is hot nowadays. It is not enough anymory to be just present on the internet with a nice klooking website. Search engine optimization starts when you decide to build a (new) website for your business. All Optimization conditions need to ...

  • responsive

    Responsive Webdesign

    Responsive webdesign is a new kind of publishing websites. Originated as a result of the great variety of devices we use to acces the intenet. Responsive webdesign takes care of automatic scaling on smartphones, tablets, laptops or stand alone computers at home. ...

  • socialmedia

    Social Media

    Social media marketing is essential nowadays in your internet marketing strategy. Google has also taken the time to make social media a part of the 200 factors of the algorithm for search engine optimization. ...

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Wordpress, number one blog

To blog means Wordpress. At wordpress you can initiate totally free of charge you blog. Simple as that. In 5 minutes or less you can start to publish articles that are relevant with your business and your market. Googlexpert has also a blog at wordpress. You can find there even more themes than here on the regular website.